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PRIMMS® Multi-Project management System. An integrated portfolio-project management system that is ideally suited to accommodate the complexity found in today’s portfolios containing Information Technology, New Product Development, ERP, and Business Transformation projects. PRIMMS® makes the management process more efficient and user friendly to senior managers, PMOs and project managers even under the most complex and integrated project environments. Read more ... ERP provides organizations with massive amounts of data related to patterns in the behavior of customers, trends in product offerings and the performance of internal processes. Business value is created once the data are analyzed and new insights are revealed—especially predictive insights. To transform raw data into useful insight requires the effective use of data mining, data analysis and visualization tools. Read more ... Through PRIMMS®, Milestone Planning brings machine learning concepts to project management. This makes a powerful combination with ASAP accelerators to facilitate faster delivery and rapid deployment of SAP. An important aspect of digital electronics, software and the information age is that nearly all of the “game changing” ideas that have emerged are really nothing more than mirror images of how our brains work. Concepts such as binary bit strings, Boolean logic, hierarchical organizational structures are foundational elements of neuroscience. Read more...

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