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  Our Vision  

Since 2008 the PRIMMS platform has proven itself to be an effective, stable and highly secure SaaS project management-portfolio management solution for IT portfolio management and business transformation initiatives of several major, global companies. With a foundation tied to applied neuroeconomics and machine learning principles, PRIMMS is now poised to drive a paradigm shift in the practice of project management to aid project managers and their organizations.

PRIMMS reflects our vision to develop project management technology that is truly innovative, that makes a real difference in improving project outcomes and is easy to use. Our mission is to continue to add exciting features and functions that enable project managers, PMO staff and senior managers to optimize project and portfolio value. PRIMMS has been optimized to accommodate the most challenging ERP, business transformation and organizational change management initiatives. It is an evidence based project management system that enhances decision making, improves stakeholder communication and reduces the inherent risks of managing complex projects in an increasingly global environment.


We will continue to make additions to PRIMMS that help Project Managers and Change
Managers work together more effectively on Business Transformation initiatives:

  • Rigorous change request and approval functionality that helps prevent scope creep by providing a disciplined
    and transparent approval and workflow process for making changes to scope.
  • Predictive analytics that statistically analyze and forecast project conditions leading to early warnings
    to stakeholders through auto notifications for scope changes, aging issues, decisions, action items and defects.
  • Testing metrics and analytics that enhance the project manager's ability to keep test cycles on track
    and to enable the successful execution of Agile methods.
  • Quality Gate status reporting based upon critical completion metrics and consideration of open items
    and team sentiment. Critical data are easily exportable to common formats for the user's own custom analysis.
  • Reports and metrics that integrate traditional project management metrics with organizational change
    change management.

As always we will continue to make PRIMMS intuitive and easy to use. The project manager user will obtain
the benefits of these approaches without the hardship of learning a complicated tool. Our approach is to
keep the sophistication “under the hood” while making the execution seem easy and fast.

John M. Aaron
President and CEO
Milestone Planning and Research, Inc.

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