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MPR Services & Products

PRIMMS Integrated Project-Portfolio Management
• SaaS tool
• Methodology Training & Consulting
• Training
• Neuroeconomic Methods
• Predictive Analytics
• IT Governance and Oversight Consulting

Contract ERP and Project Management and PMO Support — On Site or Remote

• SAP ECC implementations using ASAP
• SAP Bus. Planning & Consolidations (BPC)
• Technology and Innovation Initiatives
• IT Integration for Mergers & Acquisitions
• Large Scale Business Transformations
• IT Infrastructure

Project Performance Analysis and Reporting
• Critical Path Scheduling
• Resource Scheduling & Analysis
• Earned Value reporting & analysis (COBRA)
• Performance Analysis & Metrics
• Project Risk Management (PRIMMS)
• Planning & Tracking with MS Project
• Performance Analysis with Open Plan

Project Governance — Quality and Risk Management Tools & Consulting
• Parimutuel Project Risk Management
• Quality Gates-Stage Gates
• Six Sigma Tools
OJT Standards and Skill Tracking Tools
• OJEI Instructional Standard
• Project Management White Paper Series

Project Mgmt & Governance Training
• 3 day on site PM workshop (See Outline & Intro)
• 1 day Executive PM Workshop
• Structured OJT methods
• Management Apprenticeships
• Proj Management Coaching
• Proj Management Metrics

Econometric and Time Series Analysis
• Univariate Time Series
• Multivariate Transfer Functions
• Regression Modeling

Workforce Development Policy Research & Implementation
• Innovations in Education
• DoL Grant Management & Implementation
• U.S. DOL IT Apprenticeships

Custom Software Development for Project Management
• Applications helping businesses run projects more efficiently
• IT Professionals specialized in the project management domain-Support and maintenance.



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