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  Multi-Project Structures-The PRIMMS® Four Tier Structure  

PRIMMS® uses a four tier structure in which instances (Programs) consist of multiple projects. Each project is accessible from a dropdown and contains multiple milestone events that normally tie to the completion of life cycle phases. The completion of a milestone (i.e. a Phase) depends upon the sufficient completion of completion and quality criteria tied to the required deliverables of the phase.

This structure simplifies the project management process by reducing the task of management to its most fundamental and essential steps. It also facilitates project communication by focusing the team and all stakeholders upon what is most important. Emergent Issues, risks and action items are conveniently captured and tied to their respective Quality Gates. This raises the visibility of problems enabling timely preventative and corrective actions.PRIMMS® provides convenient and effective status reports along with critical metrics based upon schedule/budget performance, risk mitigation and action item completions.PRIMMS® role authorizations allow the following project management roles:

  • Contract Admin = for managing multiple programs
  • Project Admin = for managing multiple projects
  • Local Admin = for managing a single project
  • User = for viewing project performance and updating risk information
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