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  IPPM Rational ActorTM      
  PRIMMS is more than just a project –portfolio management tool. It is an integrated solution accompanied by a documented and proven methodology providing structure and guidance to enhance value. The system and approach build upon integrated project-portfolio management practices and leverage the neuroeconomic framework to ensure ease of use yet high effectiveness for even the most complex project and portfolio environments.

The PRIMMS System includes the step by step instructions to optimize both single project and multi-project performance. The approach includes integrative methods to:
  • Convert strategies into project requests
  • Justify, authorize and prioritize projects
  • Master schedule projects using resource leveling
  • Charter, plan and baseline projects
  • Assess portfolio value
  • Execute and control projects and portfolio value
  • To manage risks and decision making effectively
  • Trigger preventative and corrective actions
  • To measure project manager performance, achievement and skill development
  • To capture project statistics and utilize predictive analytics for continuous improvement





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