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  Bill Lattyak      

Bill Lattyak is a senior statistical consultant with core competencies in predictive analytics, times series analysis, forecasting, and general quantitative methods. Over his career, he worked with several distinguished individuals in the statistics and economics fields including George E/P. Box, George C. Tiao, Mervin E. Muller, Lon-Mu Liu, and Houston Stokes.

Bill is an independent statistical consultant. He is also Executive Vice President at Scientific Computing Associates Corporation, Vice President and Chief Data Scientist at TrendPointers LLC, and Partner/Director of Analytics and Micro Sentiment Monitor LLC. He has co-authored papers published in peer-reviewed journals on a range of subjects from time series data mining to criminal justice and healthcare applications such as illicit drug trafficking and monitoring and control of antibiotic use in healthcare.

Over the last several years, Bill has conducted research on the use of advanced nonlinear and nonparametric methods and its application to predictive modeling of financial markets. His recent research has been commercialized by TrendPointers LLC to transform unstructured leading measures of macro-sentiment into forward indicators of financial market direction and consumer buying propensities with application to digital and fine-tuning enterprise forecasting systems, demand and inventory planning, intervention and event paralysis, price elasticity, segmentation and targeting, marketing analysis and the like.


Bill Lattyak

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